11 Apr

Zenvelope Launch


Waking up and grabbing my phone the minute I opened my eyes. Swerving into oncoming traffic. Missing something my best friend said become a text notification dinged on my phone, and I had to read it. Watching a Beck concert through a phone screen to get the perfect video. Not picking up a real book. Playing Words with Friends instead of talking about my husband’s day. Losing a friendship over online words. Eating at my favorite restaurant with my favorite person and both of us on our phones. Not liking to feel bored. Avoiding my emotional state by picking up my phone to distract myself from my own feelings.

These are just some of my experiences. Starting Zenvelope is exciting for me because I want to change my life by having a more mindful connection to technology. I hope you will join me in celebrating the launch of Zenvelope by enjoying the drive to work without looking at your phone once, by asking a coworker to have lunch tech-free, going home and putting your phone under a bowl and enjoying the evening by tasting your food, looking up and listening to the natural noise around you as you take a walk with someone you love, getting in bed and writing down – on real paper – three things you are grateful for, then closing your eyes and sleeping peacefully.

Join me by also celebrating the amazing gifts technology brings to our lives: connecting with loved ones in faraway places, watching my mediation teacher lecture online when he lives four hours away, having endless knowledge at our fingertips, and capturing memories in time. Getting directions when lost, finding the best Mexican restaurant in a new city in three seconds, sharing our friends’ and families’ travels and triumphs, being able to support our tribe in life’s best and worst moments, quickly and conveniently executing business deals, making phone calls in emergencies, and listening to music 24/7. Technology rocks – and here at Zenvelope we hope to find balance between these two worlds while being fully aware so we can be mindful of when, why, and how we are engaged with our devices.

One of my favorite parts of the company is called Zenveloping. We are all developing our mindfulness, kindness, compassion, and intentional communication in different ways and timeframes. We love to work with schools, businesses, families, non-profits, communities, and one-to-one to develop ways to bring mindfulness into our everyday lives. We do this through our mindful technology education, but also through conscious customer service, mindful professional communication, intentional interpersonal skills, mindset, meditation, mind/body awareness, and mindfulness in education. It is our dream to travel and meet as many people as we can to help them cultivate their own awareness.

Real Life #zenvelope May 8, 2017