11 May

33 Day Zenvelope Challenge



The benefits of committing to mindfulness in our everyday lives, are vast. For some, this can be daily mediation practice.  For others, it means walking in nature without headphones, while for others it’s a life-long relationship with training their mind. At Zenvelope, we believe even small steps towards increased awareness, provide ripples of clarity and happiness in our: careers, family life, self-esteem, and communication. Showing up with all of our senses open, to as many minutes of our life as possible, is worth the small sacrifice of short-lived uncomfortable feelings along the way.  Recognizing the influence and power that lies within our distractions, is an important step to seeing that we are on auto pilot and committing to waking up.

We’ve created the 33 Day Zenvelope challenge as a simple and effective way to move forward with your mindfulness practice. Check out this link to learn why 33 days is a great start to changing a habit. 66 might be the long haul to make sure our new habits stick, but we know it’s easier to chunk time to make it manageable.

We hope that you too, will see the importance of a healthy relationship with our devices, and allow us to support you throughout your experience. Just 33 days of Zenvelope use is a great start to hacking away at the machine that has become one of the most important parts of your life- stealing precious moments, right from underneath you.

If you haven’t already purchased your Zenvelope, head to the products tab of our website to place your order. While you await your Zenvelope’s arrival, reflect/write/journal on the habits you’ve created, over time, with your device, and how creating new and healthier habits might benefit you.

  • Do you use your phone as a distraction at stressful times?
  • Is it a habit for you to use your phone at the dinner table?
  • Do you watch TV and use your phone at the same time?
  • Do you reach for your phone when you don’t like how you feel emotionally?

Be honest with yourself in your reflection and you’re more likely to be successful in your challenge. When your Zenvelope arrives, read its insert and become comfortable bringing it with you places. There are no specific instructions in the 33 day challenge in terms of how and when to use your Zenvelope- it is an individual experience. While there are no specific guidelines to the challenge, we hope that you’ll set specific goals that cater to the needs you’ve expressed in your reflection.  Remember to be aware, grateful and compassionate with yourself as you change and grow.

Contact Zenvelope at any time, if we can help you to create a customized 33 day challenge to meet your goals. We’re confident that the Zenvelope challenge will be an eye-opening, but positive addition to engaging mindfully in your everyday life.  Share your experience by using #Zenvelope at the end of the 33 days, or at any time throughout your journey.  Follow our Facebook (@Zenvelope) and Instagram (Zenveloping) pages for tools and motivation from our enthusiastic and compassionate team, and others who have joined the Zenvelope community.

Below, you’ll find a sample challenge from a Zenvelope community member that shared her 33 day awareness journey.

 Laura’s 33 Day Zenvelope Challenge:

  • Days 1-5: Use the Zenvelope while driving.
  • Days 6-10: Use the Zenvelope in class and driving.
  • Days 11-15: Use the Zenvelope at dinner or any family meal.
  • Days 16-20: Use the Zenvelope during study time (2 hours per night).
  • Days 21-25: Allow my device to remain in the Zenvelope, in the morning, until the kids and I are fully prepared to leave the house.
  • Days 25-30: Use the Zenvelope in any social setting with friends.

Reflection: After completing the 33 Day Challenge, I’ve extended the challenge another 33 days and included family members.

Days 34-66:

  1. Always use while car is in motion.
  2. All family members use Zenvelopes during dinner and designated family time.
  3. Use Zenvelope during social events or when my children want to share their after school stories.


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08 May

Real Life #zenvelope



My 13 year old son Harper filmed this as we were driving to the dentist. Harper wanted to show the  the safety feature of not having the option of reaching for a quick check-in. I also wanted to show how you can still charge your devise, use the GPS and listen to your tunes.  One more very important bit of info – Three Kiddos = No Cavities!

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11 Apr

Zenvelope Launch


Waking up and grabbing my phone the minute I opened my eyes. Swerving into oncoming traffic. Missing something my best friend said become a text notification dinged on my phone, and I had to read it. Watching a Beck concert through a phone screen to get the perfect video. Not picking up a real book. Playing Words with Friends instead of talking about my husband’s day. Losing a friendship over online words. Eating at my favorite restaurant with my favorite person and both of us on our phones. Not liking to feel bored. Avoiding my emotional state by picking up my phone to distract myself from my own feelings.

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