Perfect for your conference or event’s giveaway. Instead of giving them a pen or another bag, give them something they can immediately use to get more out of the event. Challenge your attendees to use the Zenvelope for certain times, meetings or the entire event!

  • High quality paper
  • Add your event, conference or corporate logo

Price: $1.99 a piece or a pack of 10 for $14.99. Contact us for custom orders (large amounts or logo addition).

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Looking to be more present in life? Elevate your quality of life with one of these stylish journal-like Zenvelope cases.

Price: $16.95

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The Lotus is a low-key, stylish, and comfortable handmade case. Your device remains protected and within reach, but allows you to engage with the people and events around you…

Price: $14.95

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Do you find yourself reading news on your phone during your lunch break or texting people within your own office? Place your phone in this case while you’re at work as a reminder to get back to all-important face-to-face communication.

Price: $12.95

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You stayed up all night making awesome lesson plans, but the next day find your students playing Candy Crush or the latest popular game. Hang this on the wall or behind your door and have the students place their phones in their own pockets so they are not distracted.

Price: $24.99

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