Water Cooler – Office to Adventure

Water Cooler

This Zenvelope is awesome for the office and the beach! It is the perfect material to protect your phone while keeping you present. The neoprene material is perfect for organization logos.Do you find yourself reading news on your phone during your lunch break or texting people within your own office? Place your phone in this case while you’re at work as a reminder to get back to all-important face-to-face communication. Bring back the water cooler talk and feel more engaged and alive at work. This case is perfect for the adventurer as well, the special material is water- resistant and the zipper makes the case more secure for your journey. 


  • Material protects your phone from sand, water and  while you enjoy being more present.
  • Radiation-proof neoprene – perfect for the mom-to-be who keeps their phone in their pocket close to their belly.
  • Add your logo and purchase these for your entire team for more attentive and productive meetings.
  • Contact us for special pricing for large orders.

Price: $12.95