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Kristy Ryushin McDonald has been a business and communication professor for over 16 years, whose passion is helping people reach their full potential in innovation, communication and happiness. She started Zenveloping, a mindful consulting company to take her message outside the classroom and into organizations . Her areas of expertise are conscious communication, creative and mindful customer service, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness and meditation.

Kristy is a certified yoga and meditation instructor along with having graduate degrees in business and communication.  She has been practicing meditation and yoga for over ten years and lived in Thailand for three months to learn new mindfulness and meditation techniques. While there she focused on the science behind training the mind with these techniques. Kristy currently studies with her teacher Sokuzan at Sokukoji Buddhist Temple Monastery. Zenvelope is a service designed to bring the benefits of mindfulness to students, businesses and communities around the world in a non-religious and scientifically based way. She believes infusing mindfulness into education, business and relationships is the key to an awake and fulfilling life. Kristy enjoys working with local, national and global non-profits, for-profits and schools to create an environment that is innovative, compassionate, and mindful.

Kristy McDonald
Founder, CEO


  • Mindfulness/meditation: Professional and Personal
  • Conscious Communication
  • Creative Customer Service
  • Emotional Intelligence


1 hour:      $300

2 hours:   $500

½ day:     $1,000

1:1 Coaching (per hour):   $200

  • Please contact us for special pricing for schools and non-profits.
  • Any Zenvelope order 10 days after a consulting visit receive a %10 discount on their order.

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